Our Apex Fabrication Equipment Company Explains How Hydroforming Machinery Makes Safer, Lighter, Faster Cars

Hydroforming, also known as “counter-pressure forming,” is a fabrication method that uses pressure to force ductile metal into the shape of a die. Unlike traditional stamping and welding, hydroforming allows for complex shapes to be created without welding parts together, making it very popular for applications which require uniform, high-performing parts. Below is more information […]

6 Things You Can Make With Our Apex Sheet Metal Fabricating Equipment

When you think of sheet metal forming, you probably think of car parts, bike frames, or construction materials. And it’s true–metal shaping techniques like hydroforming are used across a lot of industries. But you can also use simple fabricating equipment at home to make a variety of crafts, props, and other fun stuff. Here are […]

Top 5 Shearing Machine Safety Tips from Active Machinery Fabrication Equipment

Sheet metal shears are equipped with blades strong enough to cut through steel, and can therefore be extremely dangerous if they are handled improperly. Whether you are using handheld shearing scissors, larger electric shearing machinery, or even a stationary benchtop shearing tool, it is important to be extremely alert and cautious when cutting sheet metal. […]

The Advantages of Laser Cutting, According to our Apex Laser Cutter Distributor

A laser cutter offers many benefits over traditional cutting methods, such as plasma cutting. Read on to learn how laser cutting can help make your manufacturing processes easier, cleaner, and more efficient. Incredible precision The primary benefit of laser cutters is that they are very accurate and precise. They can make very complex, intricate shapes […]

3 Awesome Industries That Use our Apex Laser Cutting Machinery

Due to its many benefits, laser cutting machinery is one of the most widely used manufacturing tools in the world. This easy cutting method offers a huge range of uses and benefits, and is used in everything from aerospace engineering to healthcare. Here are just a few industries that use laser cutting. Laser Cutting in […]

5 Cool Things Made from Our Apex Hydroforming Equipment

If you are browsing our site, you probably already know all about hydroforming, the process of using highly pressurized hydraulic fluid to mold metal onto a die. It’s an especially great way to make hollow metal parts, like tubes, that need to be shaped in a single step. Since hydroforming is often the only way […]

Turret Press Maintenance: Top Things to Know

If you’re searching for an efficient and cost-effective way to tool metal, a turret press is an excellent option. Unlike larger press tools, a turret punch is smaller and more affordable, and can be used on small-volume and prototype work. Here are some things to know if you are browsing turret presses for sale. How […]

3 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Turret Press

When looking to buy a new or used turret press, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of your manufacturing requirements. Here are the top three most important things to consider. 1. Material Size and Thickness First, you’ll want to determine the thickness of the material you’ll be cutting. If you’ll be using […]

What Size Press Brake Should I Buy?

A press brake can bend, punch, and shear sheets of metal on either a small or industrial scale. If you’re shopping for new or used press brakes, here are some things to keep in mind while making your purchase. Tonnage The tonnage is the amount of pressure that is applied during a bend. Higher tonnage […]

3 Things Every Press Brake Operator Should Know

When it comes to operating a press brake thoroughly and effectively, knowledge is key. A solid understanding of the equipment, the tooling, and the drawings will help ensure safety and efficiency in your manufacturing or production plant. Below are three things everyone should know when operating a press brake. Ask the Right Questions Press operators […]

3 Ways to Make Your Machine Shop More Productive

As the old saying goes, time is money. The faster and more efficient your machine shop is, the more money you make, right? If you’ve been struggling with improving your production times, there are several things you can do to increase throughput without sacrificing quality. Below are three ways to increase productivity at your manufacturing […]

3 Ways to Make Grinding Safer and More Efficient

Compared to many other types of occupations, grinding metals and other materials comes with a certain level of risk. While grinding surface equipment can be hazardous, however, there are a variety of grinding safety tips that can make the job safer and more efficient. 1. Invest in Training One of the main reasons why people […]

How to Increase Profit and Productivity with Press Punches

Optimize Production and Profitability of Your Press Punch Press punching is a common and essential manufacturing step. The press punch’s ability to maintain high-quality production rates determines the production rate, and overall profitability, of a manufacturing firm. Here are the top benefits of a press punch, as well as some quick tips on maintaining your […]

What Are the Steps In The Hydroforming Process?

Hydroforming is one of the best ways to alter sheet metal while getting a very precise, clean cut, especially if stamping and shearing won’t work for your application. Read below to learn about the hydroforming process, and some benefits of a hydroforming press. How Does a Hydroforming Press Work? The profess of hydroforming is fairly […]

Cold Forming vs. Hot Forming: What’s the Difference?

Both hot forming and cold forming molds metal into another, final shape, but not every metal can be formed by either process. Here, we’ll dive deeper into the difference between hot forming and cold forming. Cold Forming During cold forming, metal parts are shaped at room temperature. It may be heated by a few degrees, […]

4 Key Things to Know About Press Brakes

Press brakes are a necessity to almost any metal fabrication shop. Here are four things to keep in mind when shopping for press brakes online. Find the Right Hydraulics Count Firstly, make sure to select a press brake with appropriate strength to bend the material you’ll be working with. Currently, the most powerful press brakes […]

How to Choose a Heavy Machinery Delivery Company

Heavy equipment hauling can be a difficult task, so it’s important to choose a company that specializes in big machinery delivery. Whether you choose to work with a broker, shipping company, or owner-operator company, you should always make sure to do some research and verify all credentials. Here are some tips to keep in mind […]

The Top Uses and Benefits of Shearing Machines

A shearing machine is a piece of industrial equipment which uses rotary disks and blades to cut hard iron sheets and metal bars. There are many advantages to using a shearing machine, which we will discuss below. Precise Cuts Shearing machines make clean, straight line cuts on flat sheet stock. It is a much straighter […]