3 Things Every Press Brake Operator Should Know

When it comes to operating a press brake thoroughly and effectively, knowledge is key. A solid understanding of the equipment, the tooling, and the drawings will help ensure safety and efficiency in your manufacturing or production plant. Below are three things everyone should know when operating a press brake.

Ask the Right Questions

Press operators should know their machine’s limits and capabilities. If you buy a used press brake, be sure to ask the previous owner about the machine’s history, including its uses, hours on the floor, and previous repairs. The most important thing to know about used fabricating equipment is whether the machine has a retrofit or full CNC brake, or just a manual, non-CNC operation status. This is because the operator will need specific training for each option.

Know the Press Brake’s Load Limit

You also will need to be aware of the concentrated load limit, in tons, at the center of the machine. If you exceed the ton limit, it can damage the machine, causing costly repairs and wasted production time. A professional press brake technician can help you calculate this.

Know the Tooling Tolerances and Drawings

When operating a press brake, especially a used press brake, be aware of the machine’s tooling tolerances. Learn and be able to differentiate various tooling terms, such as bending, bottom bending, and coining. Bad tooling will result in badly manufactured parts. Be sure to pay close attention to the drawings, too, which should include all pertinent information for making a part, such as dimensions, blank sizes, the inside radius, the capabilities.

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