The Top Uses and Benefits of Shearing Machines

A shearing machine is a piece of industrial equipment which uses rotary disks and blades to cut hard iron sheets and metal bars. There are many advantages to using a shearing machine, which we will discuss below.

Precise Cuts

Shearing machines make clean, straight line cuts on flat sheet stock. It is a much straighter edge than torch cutting, since it cuts without forming chips or burning the material, unlike traditional torch cutting. This allows your manufacturing or production facility to make products that are as precise as possible.

Minimal Waste

Perhaps the biggest advantage of shearing is that it produces minimal to no waste. Unlike other methods of cutting, shearing has virtually no loss of material. Since the machinery can cut relatively small lengths of material at a time, since the shearing blades can be mounted at an angle, shearing also uses less force per project than other methods.


Another advantage of using shearing machines is that they can be very safe to use compared to other types of cutting machines. Unlike torch cutting or other methods, the operator stands clear of the machinery and does not risk burns. As long as the proper safety precautions are taken, and the machine receives regular maintenance and upkeep, shearing can provide clean lines with minimal risk.

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