3 Awesome Industries That Use our Apex Laser Cutting Machinery

Due to its many benefits, laser cutting machinery is one of the most widely used manufacturing tools in the world. This easy cutting method offers a huge range of uses and benefits, and is used in everything from aerospace engineering to healthcare. Here are just a few industries that use laser cutting.

Laser Cutting in Aerospace Engineering

The aerospace industry encompasses far more than NASA—it consists of all commercial aircraft, military defense, and space exploration organizations, including non-government organizations, like SpaceX. Parts used for space exploration need to be extremely precise and reliable, since they must withstand an enormous amount of pressure. Laser cutting is the perfect method to create incredibly small, precise parts in high-strength aluminum alloys.

Laser Cutting in the Automotive Industry

The average car contains around 30,000 parts, and they all need to be perfectly precise in order to make a safe, reliable, road-worthy vehicle. Laser cutting is an excellent method of ensuring all components, no matter how small or complex, are exactly what they need to be. Laser cutting is also great for cutting parts that have been hydroformed, or molded into 3D shapes. Finally, laser cutting isn’t just used for metal; it’s also used to cut cloth airbags. Since the laser melts the edges as it cuts, it’s a better tool than a cutting blade, which would cause fraying.

Laser Cutting in the Medical Industry

Medical devices are used to save lives, so it’s essential that they be extremely precise and reliable. Laser cutting is used to manufacture devices that are very small and delicate, such as coronary stents used to supply blood to the heart. Laser cutting also is used within the medical field as a surgical tool itself. A laser can cut human skin and tissue cleanly, quickly, and precisely, without causing damage to the surrounding areas, making it a good alternative to conventional surgical tools, like scalpels. Lasers are so delicate and precise, they are even used in eye surgery!

Get A New or Used Laser Cutter In Apex NC

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