3 Ways to Make Your Machine Shop More Productive

As the old saying goes, time is money. The faster and more efficient your machine shop is, the more money you make, right? If you’ve been struggling with improving your production times, there are several things you can do to increase throughput without sacrificing quality. Below are three ways to increase productivity at your manufacturing facility.

1. Review your Existing Workflow

Before you make any changes to your production process, you need to understand how everything works now. Devote some time to critically analyzing your workflow, including your people, your equipment, and your operations. Make sure that your employees have the right skills, and are in the right places; that your equipment is in good repair; and that any computer technology you use is up to date. One you identify all your pain points and bottlenecks, you can go about fixing them.

2. Continuously Train Your Employees

Employee education and training is an ongoing process. Don’t just settle for initial safety training; instead, continuously update your employees on all new equipment and technology, as well as “refresher” courses. Keep accurate records of training and schedule refreshers so that you can demonstrate to clients and auditors how often you re-educate your technicians. Finally, don’t limit training and education to equipment. Your manufacturing facility will run more smoothly if everyone understands your policies on workplace harassment and proper communications.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Equipment failure can be costly. Even if a problem is easy to fix, the downtime can throw off your entire production schedule, causing your employees to sit around with nothing to do whilst being paid. Maintaining your current equipment can help you save a lot of money over the long term, and allow the machinery to last as long as possible.

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