How to Increase Profit and Productivity with Press Punches

Optimize Production and Profitability of Your Press Punch

Press punching is a common and essential manufacturing step. The press punch’s ability to maintain high-quality production rates determines the production rate, and overall profitability, of a manufacturing firm. Here are the top benefits of a press punch, as well as some quick tips on maintaining your press punch’s function and high productivity.

Schedule Regular Repairs

To reap the benefits of a press punch, it is essential to ensure that it is maintained in a pristine condition. If your manufacturing process is serial, machine breakdown can throw a wrench in your entire production schedule and cost you valuable time and profits. Therefore, make sure that your press punch is maintained in a tip-top condition at all times. The best way to achieve this is to schedule regular maintenance inspections with a professional press punch maintenance company. A technician will inspect every part of the press punch for possible wear and tear, such as cracks, and replace every consumable such as the hydraulic fluids.

Have Multiple Spares on Site

Even the most well-maintained machines will eventually break down. As we stated above, one broken-down part can grind your press punch running process to a halt, so as a safety precaution, it’s a good idea to keep multiple spares of each replaceable part on site. Store the parts in a well-documented, easy-to-find area so they can quickly be replaced in an emergency, along with a repair or replacement manual.

Evaluate your Press Punch Process

To increase productivity and profits, it is essential to study your facility’s press punch process and identify possible areas where the production process is delayed. For instance, you might notice that your press punch’s boring bit needs to be replaced after each punch in order to change the size. To solve the problem, you could have the press punch fitted with all bits so that the punching process is much more efficient.

Schedule a Press Punch Maintenance Check with AMSI

If you have a used press punch that doesn’t seem to work optimally for you, you can schedule a maintenance check with our professionals. If we determine that your machine needs to be replaced, we can help you explore our wide selection of press punches for sale and select a new press punch that is right for your application.