Five of the Biggest Heavy Haul Items Ever Transported

While the vast majority of machines can be shipped in parts, and assembled at their final destination, there are a few which must be transported in one piece. As you can imagine, moving an item as long as a football field across state lines requires an incredible amount of logistical planning and transportation machinery—which is […]

Cutting Acrylic: Should I Use a Laser Cutter or Waterjet Cutter?

Acrylic is a versatile, durable material with a wide range of uses. If you are anticipating using acrylic for an upcoming project, you may be wondering which cutting machine will be best for you to use. In today’s post, our Apex fabrication equipment vendor shares the benefits of the two most popular acrylic cutting techniques, […]

Our Apex Machinery Vendor Shares the Top Advantages of Laser Cutting

First developed in the 1960’s, laser cutting has become the most widely used process in metal fabrication, as well as may other industries. There’s a reason why laser cutting has become the go-to tool of choice for surgeons, aeronautic engineers, auto mechanics, and just about everyone else—it’s an incredibly versatile cutting method that has a […]

3 Cool Items Made from Hydroforming Equipment

If you are browsing our Raleigh metal forming vendor website, you are probably already familiar with hydroforming, a process of metal forming that uses highly pressurized hydraulic fluid to mold materials around a die. Hydroforming is an amazing process that is often the only way to create complex, hollow, or tubular shapes, without any seams […]

4 Beginner Metalworking Projects to Try During Quarantine

For a lot of us, quarantine has meant staying at home with a whole lot of time on our hands. And we’re guessing that by now, you’ve organized, cleaned, fixed, and installed anything that needed it, and are at the point where even Netflix is getting old. If you’re scratching your head for something to […]

How to Start Your Own Metal Fabrication Shop in Raleigh

There’s no doubt that this month has been very difficult for many of us. If you work in an industry which requires you to be on-site, you may find yourself sitting at home right now with an empty schedule and a head full of worries. One great way to get out of your own head […]

What is a Waterjet? Ask Our Apex Metal Cutting Machine Vendor

A waterjet cutter is a tool that cuts metal and other materials by emitting a jet of water, or water mixed with an abrasive substance, at an extremely high velocity and pressure. Just as a river will eventually cut a canyon into rock, the waterjet will cut a line into metal, wood, or acrylic, but […]

What Industries Use Laser Cutting? Ask Our Fabrication Equipment Vendor

Laser cutting machines are one of the most widely-used manufacturing tools in the world, and it’s no wonder: a laser is able to perform minute, high-precision cuts that previous methods of cutting simply cannot replicate. Laser cutters have therefore been instrumental players in modern auto manufacturing, aerospace engineering, surgery, and other fields which require every […]

3 Key Tips to Follow When Selling Used Fabrication Equipment in Apex

If you have fabrication equipment that’s sitting around collecting dust, selling it to a fabrication equipment company is a great way to capture its latent value while freeing up more space in your facility. As long it has been well-maintained, used industrial equipment can still fetch a fair price on the used market. Below are […]

How to Sell Used Fabrication Equipment in Apex NC

Out with the old, in with the new. If you’ve got surplus industrial equipment sitting around your shop collecting dust, maybe it’s time to sell is to a used fabrication equipment company, and put the money you make towards something you actually do use. Below are some tips to help you launch the new year […]

Need Heavy Haul Services in Apex NC? Here’s What You Need to Know

Some things are just too big to be moved by an ordinary vehicle. If you’re considering investing in heavy haul services in Apex, here are some things to know before giving us a call. What Constitutes Heavy Haul Freight? The federal government allows each state to set its own regulations for what constitutes an oversize […]

What is 3D Laser Scanning? Ask Our Apex Fabrication Equipment Company

3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that uses a line of laser light to digitally captures the shape of physical objects. 3D laser scanners scan “point clouds” of data from the surface of an object, then use them to make a digital, 3-dimensional representation of a physical object’s exact size and shape. Learn […]

A Brief History of Laser Cutting, From Our Apex Laser Cutter Distributor

Laser cutting is now an extremely common process used in manufacturing, medical facilities, and even artist studios. However, laser cutting is still a relatively new technology. Below is a brief history of laser cutters and where the industry stands today. If you are searching for 2D or 3D laser cutters in Apex NC, call Active […]

How to Start Laser Cutting With Our Apex Laser Cutting Machines!

Laser cutting – sometimes called etching or engraving – is not only one of the coolest ways of bringing a design to life but also one of the most accurate. A laser cutter can execute multi-layered lettering and design that even a skilled artist would struggle to accomplish. If you’ve always dreamed of running your […]

Lathe Safety Tips from Our Apex Fabrication Equipment Company

Lathes are exceptionally useful for cutting sheet metal or wood, but if used improperly, they can be incredibly dangerous. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the most common injuries caused by lathe accidents are broken fingers, cuts to the hands, and hot shrapnel in the eyes. Below are some safety precautions to take when […]

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