Our Apex Machinery Vendor Shares the Top Advantages of Laser Cutting

First developed in the 1960’s, laser cutting has become the most widely used process in metal fabrication, as well as may other industries. There’s a reason why laser cutting has become the go-to tool of choice for surgeons, aeronautic engineers, auto mechanics, and just about everyone else—it’s an incredibly versatile cutting method that has a wide variety of benefits. If you’re considering purchasing a laser cutter in Apex, Cary or Raleigh, keep reading to learn some of the top advantages of this unique piece of equipment.

No-Contact Cutting

One of the best advantages of laser cutting is that the laser beam never physically touches the material it is cutting. This means that there is blade which can become contaminated by the material being cut; and the material can’t be damaged, warped, or contaminated by the blade. With damage to material minimized, manufacturers can decrease waste, as well as repair and replacement costs if a damaged product reaches a consumer.

High Precision

Another primary benefit of laser cutters is that they are capable of extreme precision. A laser can create very small, complex, or intricate shapes precisely, over and over, with each result equal to another. As long as the laser cutter is operational, the precision, shape and cleanliness of the cuts will remain the same across thousands of parts and pieces. This ability to ensure uniformity makes laser cutting a godsend for applications like car, plane, and computer manufacturing!


While there are many materials, primarily various plastics, which shouldn’t be cut with a laser, they can be used to cut or etch a wide variety of materials, including metal, acrylics, wood, and glass. Since a single laser beam can be adjusted for different heat outputs, intensities, and durations, one machine can perform many different tasks for many different applications. Laser cutting can be used in everything from heavy manufacturing work to delicate procedures like laser eye surgery.


Laser cutting has also helped dramatically increased workplace safety and decrease the numbers of workplace accidents. Since the laser beam is enclosed in a tight light box, it cannot come into contact with anything it is not aimed at. While there are still occasional accidents involving laser cutters, the no-contact feature makes laser cutting much safer than other methods which involve a sharp blade.

Need a New or Used Laser Cutter in Apex?

Laser cutting technology has helped revolutionized multiple manufacturing industries, by facilitating a versatile, safe, easy cutting process. If you are interested in buying or renting laser cutting machines Apex, Raleigh, Cary, or Durham NC, be sure to give us a call!