Press Brake: Bystronic | 2003 | PR6 150 | 122″, 165 Tons

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Cybelec ModEva 12S CNC Controls, X, R, Z1, Z2 Axis Back Gauges, Y1, Y2 CNC Ram Control, Integrated CNC Bed Crowning, Wila New Standard Hydraulic Ram & Bed Clamping System, Laser Safe Guarding System, Dual Palm/Foot Switch


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Overall Bed Length

122 inches

Press Capacity

165 Tons

Type of Press Force


Distance Between Housings

100 inches

Number of CNC Controlled Axis


Stroke Length

8.5 inches

Open Height

19.6 inches

Throat Depth

15.7 inches

Approx. Weight

27,000 Lbs

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