A Waterjet is an industrial tool capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. At Active Machinery, we proudly host inventory from manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Flow, and more. Check out our inventory below!

  • Waterjet: Flow | 2018 | Mach 2 | 60,000, 120″

    SKU: 16934

    Flowmaster Software Suite Controls, Abrasive System with Low Level Shutoff Sensor, Fully Programmable Servo Driven Z Axis, Roll Around Control with 15″ Touch Screen, Closed Loop System, Lifts Z Axis Between Traverse Movements, X & Y Axis Linear Bearings and Hardended Ground Ways, Ultra Pierce for Brittle & Composite Materials, Auto Lube, Paser 4 Cutting System, Laser Edge Finder, Misc Parts and Spares.

    Machine has NEVER been hooked up. Zero Hours Use !!!!!

    Avaiability: In Stock
  • Waterjet: Mitsubishi | 2013 | MWX-3 | 90,000, 144″

    SKU: 16370

    Mitsubishi CNC Control, 90,000 PSI KMT Pro2, 60HP, 80 HPA Alluvial Waterjet Abra with 55Lb Bag, Garnet Removal with Bladder Water Level Control from Ebbco, Chiller Unit, Metamation Programming Software and Key.

    4,500 Hours

    Avaiability: In Stock
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