2013 Lincoln System 55 6 Axis Robot Welding Cell, Very Low Hours


System 55

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Apex, North Carolina
United States


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General Specifications:
AD1393-3-XXXX Robot, AM120iC, R-30iB Controller
6 axis arm
20 kg payload
71.0” reach
Fanuc R-30iB Robot Controller
Arctool Software 64 MB DRAM, 64MB FROM, 3MB SRAM
440-575 Volt/3 Phase/60 Hertz input power supply required
ANSI/RIA 15.06-1999 Compliant Mechanical Unit/Controller 
Seam Detection

AD1391-4 R350 Weld Package:
R350 Welding Power supply
4R220 Wire Drive Unit With 4 Powered Drive Rolls, for up to 1/16 solid or 3/32 cored wire
ENET cable assbly, 25'
Quick Mounting Bracket Kit
AD1121-242 Magnum Pro Air Cooled Torch Package
KP1505-035S Drive Roll Kit, .035”
AD1312-25 Model A I/O Modules * 32 input, 32 output
AD1173-123 120iC Bracket Kit
AD1253-9-FI Cable Kit, Arclink XT, 25 ft. * Connects the robot to the feeder and power source
AD1253-37-FI Software Option, Torch Guard * Includes Collision Guard and Torch Mate 3 for TCP re-adjustment
AD1253-200 Software Option, Constant Path * Required for external motion groups
AD1253-6-FI Software Option, Co-ordinated Motion * Coordinated motion software allows synchronized movement between the robotic welding torch and parts being manipulated by servo driven positioning equipment. This option facilitates easier programming with positioners, with fewer points than may otherwise be necessary. Good for use with irregularly shaped welded assemblies.
XCUSTOM_ITEM Software Option – DCS with Safe I/O Disconnect * Description: DCS Position & Speed Check Detail: This option should be used with Arctool V8.1 or later. It includes DCS visualization on iPendant. Use of DCS does not apply to Cont. Turn axis. A robot can be loaded with Cont. Turn and DCS option. DCS Option is used for: - Reducing perimeter guarding (saving floor space # Position Check) - Monitoring critical program speeds (Speed Check) - Meeting RIA Safety Category 3 & 4 requirements of ISO 10218 (replaces local stop) * DCS Safe I/O Connect provides access to internal DCS safe I/O signals including logic to combine signals to enable/disable DCS functions
XCUSTOM_ITEM Custom System 55 * Fanuc Arcmate 120iC robot * Dual Fanuc Tilt/Rotate positioners * 1100lbs weight capacity per side