What is the Process of Laser Cutting?

The Concept & Process Of The Laser Cutting Technology

The laser technology is commonly used in most manufacturing or metalwork-based industries. New metalwork machines use laser cutting technology which has multiple benefits. Lasers are deemed advantageous over conventional cutting methods in various ways including the fact that they use far less energy and have a more powerful cutting power. Laser machines normally work within a precision-based framework to yield high-quality cuts. Opening up a used laser cutter to view its anatomy helps to understand how lasers work.

Laser Generation

The laser cutting process starts with the generation of a laser beam, which is essentially a column of high-intensity light generated from a laser resonator. The mono-wavelength light is typically generated from carbon dioxide gas. The light, in the form of a beam, is directed through the laser beam path to a series of laser benders which focus the beam and channel it to a focusing lens. The lens is designed to change the focal point of the laser depending on the thickness of the material.

Laser Focusing

The focused laser beam is then channeled through the nozzle onto a working surface on which the metal piece to be cut is laid. At the point of exit of the laser beam from the nozzle, it meets a high-pressure gas, normally oxygen or nitrogen.

Metal Vaporization

Focusing the laser beam on one point creates an ultra-high heat which melts away the metal at that spot. The high heat vaporizes the melted metal in an instance. The high-pressure gas from the nozzle blows away the metallic vapors. Depending on the nature of the metallic material being cut, lasers can be adjusted to pose a high cutting power. The pressurized gas can also be used to enhance the cutting power of the laser. By using oxygen as an oxy-fuel torch, the laser beam can cut into high-strength steel.

Precision Control in Laser Cutting

To achieve precision when cutting metal with lasers, the laser cutting technology has incorporated computers in its operations. The desired shape and design can be incorporated into computer software which controls the movement of the laser arm across the working surface to achieve the precise shape desired.

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