What is a Waterjet? Ask Our Apex Metal Cutting Machine Vendor

A waterjet cutter is a tool that cuts metal and other materials by emitting a jet of water, or water mixed with an abrasive substance, at an extremely high velocity and pressure. Just as a river will eventually cut a canyon into rock, the waterjet will cut a line into metal, wood, or acrylic, but much more quickly. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about waterjet cutters in Apex!

Advantages of Using a Waterjet Cutter

Waterjet cutting offers several advantages over other types of metal cutting equipment, including:

  • A lower cost. Waterjet parts are usually cut from sheet or plate material and require no special clamps, fixtures or tool changes. This means lower cost savings for the manufacturer, which can be passed on to the consumer.
  • Faster production times. With less need for part replacements and tool changes, machine shops experience less downtime and faster production.
  • Versatility of materials. Waterjets can be used to cut most metals, almost all wood, many plastics, and even stone. It can be used to cut many materials that would be difficult to machine using other methods, such as heat-treated alloy steel.
  • Parts retain their heat treatment.Many machining methods, like laser cutting, heat the material as they cut, meaning that the parts will need to be heat treated once again after machining. Waterjet-cut parts retain their heat treatment when cut, meaning workers can start with pre-heat treated material and keep costs down (and, again, save production time).

Who Uses Waterjet Cutting Machines?

Many types of water jets exist today, including plain water jets, abrasive water jets, percussive water jets, cavitation jets, and hybrid jets. Additives can take the form of suspended grit, aluminum oxide, and even garnet. Because of their versatility, and because the nature of the cutting stream can be easily modified, waterjet machines are capable of cutting just about anything, from polyethylene plastic to titanium, and are used in a diverse number of industries, from mining, to manufacturing, to aerospace.

Need a Waterjet Cutter in Apex NC?

Active Machinery is a local distributor of metal cutting and metal fabrication equipment such as press brakes, shearing machines, press punches, laser cutters, plasma cutters, and of course, waterjets. To order a waterjet machine in Apex, Raleigh, or nearby areas, please contact us today.