What is a Press Brake?

Press Brakes Are Essential for Metal Manufacturing

Press brakes are metal fabrication machines that shape and bend metal sheets. The metal is placed on a V-shaped die and is pressed by a punch from above. Both simple and more complex metal parts can be shaped by these machines, and industries such as automotive, aircraft and housing use them in their manufacturing processes. Any manufacturing that requires metal to be shaped needs these tools. Purchasing used fabricating equipment can be a good solution for your metal manufacturing requirements.

What Size Do You Need?

No matter whether you buy a new or used press brake, the most important consideration is the size that you will need. This depends on the thickness and size of the metal. The tonnage, or bending force, is what determines the amount of pressure that is applied by the punch during the pressing process. The higher the tonnage, the thicker the metal that can be bent. The bending length is also an important consideration when purchasing a new or used press brake because this is the same length as the metal sheets. You will need a pressing tool that has a bending length slightly longer than the metal sheet.

Tonnage is Important

Knowing the tonnage is important because using the wrong tonnage load limit can cause damage to the die or the press ram and can even damage the machine itself. You can calculate the load limit of your machine by using a chart on the machine or with the manual, if it is available. If you buy a used press brake, make sure you know its specifications.

Two Available Types

These machines come in two different types: electronic and hydraulic. Hydraulic brakes have been around the longest and are the most common type. They are very capable and can handle quite heavy loads. 100-300 tons is the usual tonnage, but they have been made in sizes up to 3000 tons and lengths of 50 feet.

The electronic types are not as common as hydraulic ones because they have not been in production as long. Electric brakes have some advantages over hydraulic ones in that they do not need hydraulic oil and so will not have oil leaks. Because the motors are not run constantly, they require less energy to operate. These press brakes are also more accurate, smaller and faster.

These metal fabrication tools are essential for any business that needs to bend metal sheets. Buying used fabricating equipment can save you some money if you buy the right press brake for the jobs you need. If you are in the market for any new or used fabricating equipment, contact us and order today.