What is 3D Laser Scanning? Ask Our Apex Fabrication Equipment Company

3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that uses a line of laser light to digitally captures the shape of physical objects. 3D laser scanners scan “point clouds” of data from the surface of an object, then use them to make a digital, 3-dimensional representation of a physical object’s exact size and shape. Learn more about 3D scanning below.

The 3D Scanning Process

First, the object that is to be laser scanned is placed on the bed of the digitizer. Next, specialized software guides the laser as it projects a line of laser light onto the object’s surface. Two sensor cameras continuously record the laser line’s changing distance and shape as it sweeps along the object. The scanning process is very fast and precise, gathering up to 750,000 points of data per second.

Once the scan is finished, the resulting millions of points of data appear as a “point cloud” on the computer monitor. After multiple point cloud data files are created, they are registered and merged into one three-dimensional representation of the object. Finally, the rendering is post-processed with various software packages, each of which has a specific application.

CAD Models for Reverse Engineering

Laser scanning is the fastest, most accurate, and most automated way to acquire 3D digital data for reverse engineering purposes. A laser scan can be used to inspect finished items for accuracy. The scanned object can be compared against a designer’s nominal CAD model to identify any imperfections. The result of this comparison process is delivered in the form of a “color map deviation report,” which pictorially describes the differences between the scan data and the CAD data.

Get 3D Laser Scanning Equipment in Apex NC

3D laser scanners measure fine details and capture free-form shapes to quickly generate highly accurate point clouds. Their capabilities make them perfect for measuring complex or large forms which can’t be practically measured through traditional methods. If you would like to use this amazing machinery, call us today to learn more about our Apex laser scanners for sale.