Top Amazing Gifts You Can Make with One of Our Apex Laser Cutting Machines

Since we have discussed the benefits of laser cutters so much on this blog, we would be remiss if we didn’t highlight some of the great things you can make with them—and what better time of the year to get crafty than Christmas? If you’ve got a laser cutter and some time on your hands, here are some handmade, heartfelt laser cutter gift ideas that are sure to impress.

Laser Cut Ornaments

One of the best things about laser cutting is that it gives you the opportunity to personalize gifts for the recipients. When it comes to ornaments, the options are almost endless. You could laser cut the person’s initials; their name and the current year; or an inside joke not available in stores. We like this listing on Etsy, because it shows off how precise and detailed laser cutters can be. Can you imagine trying to make something similar with a saw or other method?

Unique Drink Coasters

Just like ornaments, wooden laser cut coasters can be personalized for the recipient—and there are some pretty cool ideas you can use as inspiration online! These Christmas tree coasters, for example, are an eye-catching use of negative space. If you’re not afraid to tackle something more complex, there are many geometrical patterns you could try recreating.

Custom Name Puzzles

If you have friends with toddlers, make them a toy that can’t be found in stores—a wooden puzzle customized with their name. Parents will be thrilled with a toy that teaches young kids to spell their own name, and when the kids have outgrown it as a toy, you can glue and hang it as a wall decoration.

Laser Cut Wine Glass Charms

Wood isn’t the only thing that can be cut with a laser—sheets of acrylic plastic offer tons of opportunities, like jewelry, keychains, and gift tags. We think these custom wine glass markers, which have been cut into each family member’s name, are an amazing and totally unique gift that anyone would be delighted to have.

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