The Top 4 Machines Every Fabrication Shop Needs, According to Our Apex Machine Supplier

When your fabrication shop bids on a big job, having the right machinery on-site can help significantly up your chances of getting it. Being able to show the client that your shop has what it takes to finish the job on time and on budget, without having to outsource to multiple vendors, can go a long way towards being awarded a key contract. Below are some vital pieces of machinery that every fabrication shop should have.


A waterjet is a pretty incredible machine, because it uses water pressure to cut material like steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stone, and plastic. Waterjets use high-pressure pumps to blast water, mixed with a granular abrasive like garnet, out at 30hp to 100hp. Since almost no heat is generated in the cutting process, these machines are extraordinarily versatile, able to cut pretty much anything without warping or melting it.

Press Brakes

Press brakes are one of the sturdiest, strongest, and most dependable pieces of fabrication equipment you can buy. In fact, when you are searching for used press brakes in Apex, you might find some top brands with vintages from the 60s and 70s still kicking and in great condition. That’s because press brakes have only one function: bending metals. Simply secure the workpiece onto a bed, and a ram will descend and bend the metal to a specified degree.

Laser Systems

As the name implies, laser cutting systems are used to cut materials like aluminum, wood, acrylic, and steel, as well as to mark and treat surfaces. Laser systems are great for projects which have zero room for error, which is why they are commonly used in the automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, steel, electronics, and medical industries. Both 2D and 3D laser cutters use thermal energy to melt, vaporize, or burn away material, leaving a smooth surface finish without a single weld or seam.

Shearing Machines

Shearing machines are one of the cheapest, simplest, and most necessary machines in our inventory. They do exactly what you think they do: Cut metal. Their capabilities range from the smallest gauges of material, to materials that are several inches thick. As simple as they are, shearing machines are the backbone of the fabrication world. Whenever machine shops place an order for more material—whether it be mild steel, aluminum, or brass—you can bet that it will arrive in sheets formed by a shearing machine

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