How to Sell Used Fabrication Equipment in Apex NC

Out with the old, in with the new. If you’ve got surplus industrial equipment sitting around your shop collecting dust, maybe it’s time to sell is to a used fabrication equipment company, and put the money you make towards something you actually do use. Below are some tips to help you launch the new year with some extra dollars in your pocket and one less big, heavy thing taking up your workspace!

Research Pricing and Industry Trends

When selling used machinery, it will help you in the negotiating process to walk in already knowing what machines like yours generally go for. If you find out that your machine is worth much less than you thought it was at home, you can experience your sticker shock in private. Also, it will save you and the buyer time on haggling—instead of just taking the buyer’s word on an average price, you just can see the facts for yourself.

Clean or Refurbish Your Used Machinery

This almost goes without saying, but you’d be surprised at the number of used fabrication machines we are shown which still have marks and debris on them. Remember that used machinery companies don’t have the means to buy every machine they’re offered, and you are competing against other machine owners in your area! The better shape your machine is in, the higher the chance that you will be able to sell it, and for the maximum value it’s worth.

Choose a Trusted Used Machine Company—Not Craigslist

We can’t stress this one enough: if you have something that’s quality, you can almost always get the best price with the least amount of hassle from a local used machinery seller. Public platforms such as Craigslist are riddled with scams. Common red flags for a fraudulent buyer include:

  • Buyer wanting to overpay
  • Third parties working on behalf of the buyer
  • Buyer wants to pay you to arrange shipping on their behalf
  • Buyer to use a personal check
  • The buyer doesn’t seem to know anything about the product, or doesn’t seem to care about what you are selling

Craigslist buyers are also more likely to argue with you about the price, as they do not sell used machinery for a living and do not understand the true value of an item! In our opinion, it’s safer and smarter to involve paperwork and a company’s good name, than trust a stranger on the internet to keep his word.

Sell Your Used Fabrication Equipment to Active Machinery!

If you live in Apex, Cary, Durham, or one of the nearby areas, bring your used fabrication machines to Active Machinery Sales. We We stock a large inventory of metal fabricating machines such as lathes, plasma cutters, press brakes, punch presses, and more. To request an appointment with one of our buyers, contact us here.