4 Facts to Help You Better Understand Press Brakes

Planning on Purchasing Press Brakes Soon? Remember These Four Vital Points!

Today you’ll discover a large selection of press brakes for sale online. Whether you seek a standalone used press break or a small accessory machine in conjunction with other used fabricating equipment, pay close attention to four issues:

1. Hydraulics Count

A press brake confers the capability to bend sheets of metal uniformly and repeatedly. The strength and thickness of the raw materials you expect to employ will therefore typically influence the selection of a specific press brake make and model. You’ll want to ensure you select a unit with sufficient “oomph” required to meet your specifications. Currently the most powerful machines rely on hydraulic processes to achieve results. Although more expensive, selecting a hydraulic model does offer several advantages:

• Obtain rapid response times;
• Manipulate between 2 and 500 inches per minute;
• Operate more efficiently;
• Minimize production time and expenses.

2. Software Contributes Significantly to Modern Press Brakes
Another important issue to consider when selecting a press brake involves the applicable software. It impacts the number of products you can produce in CNC machining environments. Make sure you obtain technical support for this component!

3. Newer Press Brakes Maintain Lower Operator Learning Curves
Today’s press brakes reportedly require reduced operator learning curves. Newer machines employ more automation. This consideration may reduce labor costs in some cases.

4. Bending Speeds Impact Production
Finally, remember your machine’s bending speed determines how rapidly you’ll generate small parts during high volume production runs. This consideration may affect overall profitability. It also impacts your ability to provide just-in-time delivery.

Invest Wisely

By carefully matching press breaks for sale with your anticipated business uses for this machinery, you’ll increase your satisfaction with your purchase. This heavy press performs a wide variety of bending tasks. Hydraulic force and software components contribute to its versatility. If you wish to minimize operator training time and ramp up the production volumes for small parts, also consider the age of an individual machine’s design and the bending speed per minute. A used press break, like other used fabricating equipment, may significantly expand your manufacturing capabilities if you select it with care!