EDM Machine: Makinio | 2015 | U6 Heat | Wire, 39.4″

SKU: 16755

Hyper i Control, Auto Wire Threading, Split Precision Guide System, Upgraded Large Capacity Spool, Upgraded Extra Flush Pumps, Max Workpiece Weight: 3,307 lbs, Four-Filter Filtration System with Air Purge, 2.95″ x 2.95″ U/V Axis Travels, 15.0000 Degree Taper Cutting, 35.8″ x 35.8″ Inside Tank Dimensions.

Makino technician validated machine in May 2018 and upgraded all software and inspected ball screws.


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Table Length

39.4 inches

Table Width

31.5 inches

X Travel

17.7 inches

Y Travel

16.5 inches

Z Travel

2.95 inches

Type of Control

Makino Hyper i

Machine Weight


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